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Getting Started

1. Register as a partner HERE.

2. Receive your customized handouts after sending your logo, company name, address, phone number and website (if applicable) to

3. Notify clients that you will be providing new services to help them become compliant, and tell them to expect an email from HR Service, Inc. explaining the service and how to best utilize it. Need a template email for this? Click HERE.

4. Provide us with your clients’ information on our client information spreadsheet. We will set them up on the services you’ve selected within one business day when your form is emailed to

5. Follow up with your clients to ensure they received our notification and to encourage them to complete the SPD Wrap, POP documents and / or employee notice.

  1. Register as a Partner HERE. Record the 4-digit partner key provided to you, and provide that number to clients who will be signing up online.

2. Download handouts to share with your clients HERE and alert them of the new services available to bring them into compliance.

3. Encourage your clients to sign up online by clicking the Get Started Now button at


a. Clients will select desired services and click Next.

b. Clients will set up their account with a username, password, and company information. They will then enter your partner key to recieve a 5% discount on services.

c. Clients will pay annually with their credit card.

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